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One night in Bloom
ARNR 0105

format: Digipack deluxe
Price: 20 €

Bloom, the trend-setting, Italian design restaurant and club in the Eternal City, joins the musical fray of New Europe by releasing its first compilation of chill out and lounge music loved by V.N.P.'s "Very Nice People".

In the style of internationally successful compilations of locations such as Budda Bar, Diana Garden and Hotel Costes, Bloom's musical atmosphere takes you just a few steps away from Piazza Navona, to one of the most original and fashionable places in Rome.

Like the club's interior design, with contributions from Philip Stark and lamps designed by the Milanese Wonderkammer in the setting of the remains of a 14th century church, the music is an eclectic compilation of re-mixed 60'ies funk with tinges of the orient, breathy French femme fatales "talkin' 'bout my generation" to George Jetson treatments of Nu Jazz.

One Night in Bloom is a cutting-edge collection including tracks from artists such as Thievery Corporation (with a blistering track of instrumental 60'ies funk featuring horns), Mo' Horizons and 21st century chanteuse Giorì, remixes by Dorfmeister vs. Uptight Productions (with a great lounge dance groove) and a reworking of Nicola Conte's "Jet Sounds",as well as up-and-coming artist Vimana (with Indian-tinged electro grooves).

Mixed as a pulsating DJ set, One Night in Bloom will keep you going to "7h du Matin".

File Under:

Lounge, Chill out, Electronica, Compilation

  • Streamer-Zwing Ting(5:22)
  • Mum-feat.Louise Vertigo-L'energie irradiait(3:28)
  • Thievery Corporation-Liberation front(5:08)
  • Vimana-Beneath the stars(3:26)
  • Mo' Horizons-Big J'aim(5:57)
  • The funky Lowlives-Inside(6:41)
  • Nuspirit Helsinki-Jet sounds(8:02)
  • Bobby Hughes Combination-Goi (Vegetarian Mix)(5:32)
  • Giorì-Ah, L'amour(4:00)
  • Big Boss Man-Sea Groove(3:49)
  • Jacqueline Taieb-7h du matin(2:13)

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