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African Angels
ARNR 0397

format: Jewelbox
Price: 16.5 €

Though African music is generally renowned for its compelling dance rhythms, it is also true that there is another, higher aspect to the artistic treasure which "Mother Africa" has bequeathed to her children.

"Angelic" implies a higher frequency than that normally perceivable by ordinary human faculties.
Such celestial beings, however elusive, have inspired artists down the ages and in diverse cultures, with a glimpse of the "Divine".

A coveted collection of songs which reflect the ecstasy, the inspiration and the beauty of the African spirit.

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World Music, Africa

  • Papa Wemba (Zaire)-Sala Keba(3:42)
  • Lokua Kanza (Zaire)-SallĂ©(3:43)
  • Oumou Sangare (Mali)-Dugu Kamelemba(6:11)
  • Francis Bebey (Cameroun)-Forest Nativity(4:28)
  • Master Musicians of Tanzania (Tanzania)-Chisanga(7:39)
  • Abdel All Slimani (Algeria)-Mraya(7:22)
  • Myriam Makebea (South Africa)-The Lion Cries(5:02)
  • Ayub Ogada (Kenya)-Obiero(5:42)
  • Nahawa Doumbia (Mali)-Laban Ko(5:20)
  • Aster Aweke (Ethiopia)-Tchewata(6:11)
  • Sali Sidibe (Mali)-Djen Magni(5:06)
  • Gabin DabirĂ© (Burkina Faso)-Sisa(5:02)

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