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La musica dell'antica Roma vol.II
ARCD 0302/ARCD 1002

format: Overpack+booklet
Price: 19.5 €

The second volume of the series in which we present a hypothetical reconstruction of the music of Imperial Rome. The recording uses instruments accurately rebuilt by Walter Maioli, musician and paleorganologist, and his research group in collaboration with outstanding archeologists, musicologists, historians, and instrument manufacturers.

The first volume, dedicated to flutes and wind instruments, has been selected to be part of two prestigious soundtracks: "Gladiator" (Dream Works) and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Fox Searchlights Pictures) and has received extensive international press acclaim. Extensive reportage and documentaries about the creation process of this production have been made by European and Japanese television companies, and CNN has produced a cultural report on this fascinating project.

The second volume enriches the series with compositions for string instruments: lyre, cithara, pandura, sambuca. Produced in collaboration with the Museo della Civiltà Romanaof Rome, this unique recording is skillfully performed by the group SYNAULIA, a recognized authority in this field with special guest the noted actor Giorgio Albertazzi.

  • Invocation to Mercury(1:05)
  • Ludus(5:10)
  • Ode to the Lyre(02:35 + 01:50)
  • The villa of mysteries(2:52)
  • Synphoniaci(5:50)
  • Orpheus(1:54)
  • Lyra and cithara(2:30)
  • Erato(1:30)
  • Sambuca Silences(2:40)
  • Sacred step(2:23)
  • Syriac Dance(3:11)
  • Pandura(3:08)
  • Cithara and Sambuca(4:02)
  • Tiasus(3:33)
  • Pheobus(11:20)
  • Cordae Obliquae(1:33)
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