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Cantos a Kiterra, Songs from Sardinia
ARNR 0399

format: CD Book
Price: 19.5 €

Senesia is a cultural initiative that Amiata Records, in collaboration with Pandela, dedicates to the musical heritage of Sardinia, one of the oldest of the Mediterranean basin.
This first volume takes a look at the canti a chitarra (guitar-accompanied songs), which form one of the most original expressions of the island's musical repertoire.

Generally interpreted in competition form, this tradition invites a variety of vocalists to put to test their ability to improvise to guitar accompaniment, in front of a passionate audience of connoisseurs.
Presented by Andrea Parodi, the leader and unmistakable voice of the group Tazenda, this audiobook includes two important essays by Pietro Sassu and Paolo Scarnecchia, a rich and accurate photographic collection and a CD containing the most popular canti a chitarra performed by the most acclaimed talents of our time.

This is a unique opportunity to step closer to the millennial culture of this rich island, a splendid jewel of the Mediterranean.

Includes a 96-page, full-color, illustrated book and CD.

  • Canto in Re/Song in D(5:50)
  • Nuoresa(8:44)
  • Mutos(6:20)
  • Gadduresa e Filonzana(9:14)
  • Canto in Re/Song in D(7:58)
  • Corsicana(6:09)
  • Fa Diesis/F Sharp(2:48)
  • Si bemolle/B Flat(2:58)
  • Disisperada(4:56)
  • Mutos(8:14)
  • Mi e La/E and A(4:57)
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