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Drums of Africa vol.1.3

format: Overpack+booklet
Price: 20 €

Drums of Africa, Vol. 1.3, portrays how, in African music, rhythm takes a role similar to that of harmony in western classical music. The recording guides us through the main African rhythms and styles, as well as the diverse typologies of percussion instruments such as skin, wood, metal, stone, hands and body parts. The performances are by master musicians from Ghana, Burundi, Nigeria, the Congo, Guinea, the Ivory Coast and other countries. The “Africa Folk Music Atlas” is both an essential reference work and a musical adventure. It is intended for all audiences: enthusiasts of world music, teachers, schools, libraries, families, students, and virtually anyone wanting to explore the fascinating world of African music and culture.

  • Africa Jolé(4:18)
  • Hausa-Ibo-Yoruba Ensemble(2:29)
  • Groupe Kodia(3:30)
  • Gabin Dabiré-"Kjima"(3:58)
  • Gabin Dabiré-"Mamidi"(4:00)
  • Drummers of Burundi(4:25)
  • Aja Addy(2:00)
  • Senufo-Fodonon(4:12)
  • Groupe Kodia(3:22)
  • Groupe Kodia(2:25)
  • Gabin Dabiré-"Guidiga"(4:55)
  • Musicians of the Nile(1:53)
  • Amampondo(3:12)
Path: home page > Catalogue > Multimedia Arts > Drums of Africa vol.1.3
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