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AL OL Ensemble

The musicians performing in the AL OL ensemble are among the foremost musicians in contemporary world music in Israel.

Like the timelessness of the traditions and rhythms of Dalal’s compositions, Yair Dalal and the AL OL Ensemble’s music is inescapably about coalescence, about shared traditions, shared instrumentation, the vastness of desert time and space and about peace.
Through their music and composition the ensemble embodies the changing spirit of the Middle East.
They are a fine example of artists whose music transcends art and politics to promote cultural understanding and peace.
The ensemble is unique in its diverse instrumental composition, combining oud, sitar, guitar, violin, clarinet, tabla and African and Middle Eastern percussion.

Yair Dalal is the composer, violin and oud player, and driving force behind the Al Ol Ensemble . Eyal Selah - clarinet and flutes. Nurit Ofer - tabla, tampura and vocal. Eyal Faran - sitar and guitar. Avi Agababa - Percussion.



Percorso: home page > Artisti > AL OL Ensemble
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