Amiata Records
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Secret World

Secret World presents ethnic and acoustic performances from around the globe, singled out from rare or even secret traditions.


Dedicated to contemporary world music, the Roots Series features innovative productions and creative compilations.

New Music

The New Music Series presents performances by contemporary composers such as Arvo Paert, Henrik Gorecki, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Hans Otte, Michael Vetter and Astor Piazzolla.

Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge series features innovative productions of contemporary electronic music, chill-out and lounge.

Inner Arts

The Inner Arts Series presents highly creative projects and performances which stretch the boundaries of normal categorization. It's acoustic-instrumental, then ambient, then meditative music.


The Classica Series includes new, never-before-recorded compositions of the past brought to light by noted musicologists and researchers.

Multimedia Arts

Multimedia Arts presents CD-ROMs and Enhanced CDs (normal audio CDs which play on stereo systems plus a ROM track to access on computers).

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