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The Hands
Flavio Piras
ARNR 2596

format: Digipack with enhanced CD
Price: 25 €

An exciting collaboration between the visual artist and photographer Flavio Piras and the musician Paolo Fresu. The CD with pieces of outstanding and dreamy charm by Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis and Furio di Castri can be played on a normal CD reader, while on a CD-ROM reader one can sail happily along in the multimedial installations of Flavio Piras, see over 60 African photos accompanied by the music of Gabin Dabiré or stroll virtually in 4 of his recent exhibitions.
For Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.

  • Composition n.1-Km. 6326(13:50)
  • Composition n.2-Km. 6275(3:37)
  • Composition n.3-Km. 383(4:39)
  • Composition n.4-Km. 6528(1:22)
  • Composition n.5-Km. 5341(6:57)
  • Composition n.6-Km. 5714(1:45)
  • Composition n.7-Km. 5926(2:14)

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Path: home page > Catalogue > Multimedia Arts > The Hands
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