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Ad Infinitum
Matteo Silva
ARNR 0191

format: Jewelbox
Price: 18.5 €

Evoking a feeling of infinity, as the album's title suggests, these electronic compositions by Matteo Silva are sonic landscapes in which the listener can lose himself, and in which time and space dissolve into one another.

"Ad Infinitum" is a composition in five parts, and a key characteristic is the exploration of immobility within the movement of sound.
Although in this work one perceives distant echoes of Cage, Scelsi, Minimalism and Far Eastern music, it is pervaded by an undeniable originality.

A true recording for "the third ear".

  • Continuum(9:40)
  • Transaxel(14:40)
  • Alea non Alea(8:10)
  • Rasa(7:40)
  • Continuum ad Infinitum(12:50)

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Path: home page > Catalogue > New Music > Ad Infinitum
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