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Yair Dalal AL OL Ensemble
ARNR 1498

format: Jewelbox
Price: 18.5 €

Yair Dalal is an amazing Israeli violinist, oud performer and fine composer of Iraqi origin.
He is one of the last musicians to representthe Arab Jewish music from Iraq and a strong advocate for peace in Israel.

The AL OL Ensemble is one of the foremost contemporary world music groups in Israel, Yair Dalal and the AL OL Ensemble's music are about coalescence, shared traditions and instruments, the vastness of desert, spirituality and peace.

With hypnotic Middle Eastern rhythms and a refreshing all acoustic line-up of highly accomplished musicians, the Ensemble truly embodies the changing spirit of the Middle East.

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World music, Middle East, Israel

  • Acco Malca(3:16)
  • Arrarat(13:25)
  • Silan(9:19)
  • Trance(8:28)
  • Dikklat Nour(14:56)
  • Min Hamidabar(3:58)
  • Adon Haslichot(12:35)
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