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Celtic Angels
ARNR 1397

format: Jewelbox
Price: 16.5 €

Celtic Angels is an enchanting collection of really soul-stirring tracks from some of Ireland and Scotland's most gifted singers and instrumentalists.

Beyond acclaimed international artists such as The Chieftains, Sinéad O'Connor and Donald Lunny, we find incedibly touching songs from artists such as Aoife Nì Fhearraigh, Maighread Nì Dhomnhanill and the group In a Split Second, just to name a few.

This compilation expresses the most "angelic" and spiritual core of contemporary Celtic music.
The album for all Celtic music lovers.

File Under:

World Music, Celtic

  • Sinéad O'Connor-He moved though the fair (live)(3:41)
  • The Chieftains-Scéal Na gcapall(2:48)
  • Maighread Nì Dhomhnaill-Amhran Pheadar Breathnach(4:12)
  • Aoife Nì Fhearraigh-Seacht Sualici na Maighdine Muire(4:37)
  • D'goya-Go to bed(3:43)
  • Sharon Shannon-Bonnie Mulligan(2:52)
  • Steve Coulter & Harris Moore-Carolan's Ramble to Cashel(3:22)
  • Johnny Cunningham-Star Lullaby(3:17)
  • Mouth Music -Bratach Bana (White Banners)(4:47)
  • Whisky Trail-The Trespasser(4:31)
  • In a Split Second-Glen Affric(3:48)
  • Uxìa-Verdes Sao Os Campos (The fields are green)(4:31)

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