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Ape Regina
Andrea Donati Alda Merini
ARNR 2597

format: CD Book 64 pages
Price: 19.5 €

Following the critically acclaimed "Le Ciel de Ma Memoire", "Ape Regina" is the long-awaited album from Milanese composer and musician Andrea Donati.

"Ape Regina" embodies the long hours of creative collaboration shared by Donati and the great contemporay poet, Alda Merini; a true event on the Italian contemporary music scene.

Vocals by Roberta Gambarini and Donati's masterful double bass playing along with the heartfelt participation and precision of leading Italian jazz musicians all contribute to this masterpiece of the new school of Italian songwriting.

Includes a 64 pages booklet.

  • Agrifoglio(4:29)
  • Ape regina(6:49)
  • Giovani poeti(4:46)
  • Qui├Ętati, erba dolce(4:29)
  • Olive d'inverno(6:41)
  • 12:00 A.M.(6:10)
  • Sorella senza nome(5:35)
  • Diana(5:00)
  • Impronte(6:41)

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