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Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay Vincenzo Mingiardi
ARNR 0404

format: Digipack with Booklet 16 pagine
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Sangita is the term used in Sanskrit, as well as in the modern languages of India, for what we call "music".

The prefix san conveys the idea of union, of togetherness (the equivalent of the Greek syn), while gita means "song".
Literally sangita can be translated as "singing together", which sums up very well what the artists have sought to accomplish in this work: a "part-song", employing different means the actual voice of Sangeeta, that of Vincenzo Mingiardi's guitars and in one piece (Rain), that of Giulio Visibelli's flute.

The title is also intended as a well-deserved tribute to the extraordinary vocal performer on this CD, the khayal singer Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, for "Sangita" is also a fairly common name in India.
In its feminine adjectival form, it can be translated more or less as "having the qualities of music", or "musical". As the Latins used to say, nomen omen, name is destiny!

In all three pieces, "Twilight", "Rain", and "Prayer", Sangeeta melodically explores the interplay of emotional, rhythmic, and aesthetic elements characteristic of transcendental music.
Through her unique and delicate expressiveness she unearths the mystical qualities of each raga and navigates the listener through the secret world of India.

Sangeeta's vocal virtuosity is accompanied by guitarist Vicenzo Mingiardi, who is also an expert on the Hindi language and literature.
He has collaborated as a translator, editor, and author of various texts, including a guide to North India.

The CD is accompanied by detailed liner notes which include a melodic presentation of the ragas as well as extraordinary black and white photographs by noted contemporary Italian photographer Francesco Radino.

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India, World music, Meditation

  • Twilight(20:50)
  • Rain(17:35)
  • Prayer(9:31)

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