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ARCD 1701

format: Slimbox+O-card
Price: 18.5 €

A great collection of the most outstanding tunes of the international lounge scene, influenced by East and West trends and with a special touch of typical sound from fashion capital Milan.

The album is a perfect complement for a relaxed atmosphere, but it has moments that are able to push the listener from the sofa to the dance floor, in a magic atmosphere.
A must for all BuddhaBar, Hotel Costes and Diana Garden fans. Milano Lounge- Incoronata is the jewel box version of the Cd Book Octavius Milano Lounge guide featuring few extra tracks and a complimentary Milanese recepie menu.

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Italy, chill out, lounge, ambient

  • De Phazz-No Jive(4:34)
  • Fabio Forte-Jungle Baba Mix(4:12)
  • Giorì-Vers l'est(3:27)
  • Kawabata-Paris Night(4:51)
  • Dorys Days-To Ulrike M.(5:48)
  • Boozoo Bajou-Night Over Manaus(5:15)
  • Chakra Lounge-Karma Shabda(5:09)
  • Black Bombay-Revelation Dub(3:11)
  • Time Passing-Red Sky(5:16)
  • Tosca-Suzuki(6:04)
  • Gabin-La Maison
  • Dominic Miller-Last Dance(2:44)

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