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Metropolitan Jazz Affair
ARNR 0204

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MJA came into being the end of 2001 as a collaboration between the well-known Bruno Hovart, aka Patchworks (Rainer Trub, Gilles Peterson, Richard Dorfmeister, Nick Weston, Morpheus), the outstanding trumpet master Stephane Ronget and pianist Benjamin Devigne' from Colorblind.

The sound of MJA has rapidly established itself because it is at the core of the break-through trend of Electro Jazz, also called Nu-Jazz. This innovative genre is born from true jazz spirit and is currently ruling the dance floors of the world thanks to active underground labels such as Compost (Rainer Truby) or Jazz Land (Bugge Wesseltoft).

The album features outstanding performances of guests including singers Eric Duperray (Guidance, Glasgow Underground, Rotax Records), Sandra Mandengue' (Maeza, Colorblind) and the sax player David Prez (Colorblind).
All the songs are written and performed in french.


David Prez, Eric Duperray, Sandra Mandengu, Hugues Jomphe

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Jazz, Nu-Jazz, France, Electronica

  • Moanin' darkness(4:02)
  • Singe (nu-skool mix)(6:27)
  • Yunowhathislifeez (motorcity mix)(4:41)
  • Corovon(4:33)
  • Navarone(4:12)
  • Yunowhathislifeez (jazz mix)(3:46)
  • Night in Tunisia(4:45)
  • Don't try this at home(4:50)
  • Bleu dune (classic mix)(6:06)
  • Chasing places(4:58)
  • Singe (classic mix)(6:50)
  • The lost syndacate(4:01)
  • Le grand saut(6:43)
  • Taxi gun cafĂ©(6:11)
  • Yunowhathislifeez (chabada mix) bonus track(4:39)
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