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ARCD 0601

format: Jewelbox+O-card
Price: 18.5 €

Radha is a sensual and harmonious meeting between west and east.

In the name of the goddess companion of Krishna, distant musical worlds come together in this musical project by Angelo Ricciardi where electronic programs and synthisizers penetrate the invocations of raga.

The delicate energy of voices and the sounds of sitar and tablas shift smoothly into hypnotic rhythms, forming an elegant etno-trance.

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Electronica, World, Trance, Lounge

  • Radha(5:20)
  • Pera Raja Daruvo(5:05)
  • Sa Re Ga Ma(5:21)
  • Same(5:36)
  • Maya(4:56)
  • Hoya hoya(2:33)
  • Barapodi Osawa(5:39)
  • Eka Wagema Lokoka Samanavi(5:10)
  • Seetha, Rama(5:43)
  • Hiru Pibidenava(5:09)
  • Lowata Samaya Udavewa(6:26)
  • Dura Akase(6:38)

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