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Cantu Cantu
Fratelli Mancuso
ARNR 0902

format: Digipack with booklet 28 pages
Price: 18.5 €

Cantu is finally the NEW work of the two internationally acclaimed sicilian Brothers.

All fans who enjoyed the previous album "Bella Maria" and their acting in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" an Anthony Minghella Hollywood Movie, will be certainly pleased and surprised by the sophisticated beauty of this new album.

The Mancuso Brothers crossed over apparently incompatible worlds in the last twenty years, trough the Sutera's ( their village) lost paths of their native Sicily to the remote suburbs of London.
They learned the language of the rimembrance, like the castaway learns swimming, avoiding any distractions.

They began singing professionally without actually realizing it and they are still doing it even when, left the London mists, they came back to Italy, following an ideal, essential song, crucial like a first need.

After the success of "Bella Maria " the Mancuso Brothers have become cultural Icons of their native and beloved Sicily, performing in all major Theaters and Festivals, appearing in Radio and Television with their "virtuous unconsciousness", in Italy and abroad.

Now, revisiting their long artistic journey, they expose the main themes of their musical poetry, in these beautiful, well arranged new tracks, accompanied by exceptional fellow travellers like Enzo Pietropaoli on Doublebass, Gabriele Mirabassi on clarinet, Enrico Rava on trumpet, Stefano Bollani on piano, Michele Ascolese on guitar and buzuki, Rosario Iermano on percussions and Gianmaria Testa voice.

A true musical and cultural event for all lovers of fine Italian Music and Art.
A Must for all those interested in Sicilian and Mediterranean culture.


Enzo Pietropaoli, Gabriele Mirabassi, Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Michele Ascolese, Rosario Iermano, Gianmaria Testa.

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World Music, Italy, Mediterranean, sicily

  • Timidi l'isuli su'(5:04)
  • Cantu(7:10)
  • Chifteli(3:01)
  • Disiu di tia(3:32)
  • Sacciu chi parli a la luna(5:01)
  • Suli su l'uri(5:04)
  • Certi siri viu navi(3:14)
  • Preghiera(4:02)
  • Signura Letizia(4:03)
  • Tu chi strascini(7:13)
  • Lirica d'autunno(4:00)
  • Margarita(5:53)
  • Lamentazione(1:37)
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