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Naked Spirit Naked Spirit
Sainkho Namtchylak
ARNR 2298

format: Digipack with 12 page booklet
Price: 18.5 €

Sainkho is an extraordinary vocalist from the Republic of Tuva.
Her unique vocal techniques range from crystalline soprano to vibrant baritone and include shamanic throat overtone singing.

She is a leading exponent of music and poetry within the former Soviet Union as well as in the West.
She has toured widely internationally, and regularly receives extensive print media, radio and television coverage.

Her music is featured in many films, and she herself is the subject of several, including the 2002 film "Sainkho" produced by the German broadcaster WDR.

On Naked Spirit you will hear the sounds of the taiga and the Siberian tundra, the call of a hundred night birds and the breathing of endless universes modeled by her voice, a voice that moves through space sculpting forms and dimensions.

Naked Spirit features an atmospheric ensemble including Djivan Gasparyan, renowned master of the duduk, and noted roman musical researcher/performer Walter Maioli.
It received the prestigious German Record Critics' Award for the Best World Music Album of 1998.


Djivan Gasparyan

File Under:

World Music, New Music, Tuva, Ethnic

  • Naked Spirit(4'38)
  • Bardjigal's Wish(3'01)
  • Midnight Blue(2'00")
  • From Me to You(3'53")
  • Valley of Shadows(4'25")
  • Amethyst II(3'34")
  • Moon Trance(2'48")
  • Long Way Home(2'51")
  • Siber Shaman(3'41")
  • To the Master Hunashtar-ool(4'01")
  • Thriller(2'4")

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