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Multimedia Arts

Multimedia Arts presents CD-ROMs and Enhanced CDs (normal audio CDs which play on stereo systems plus a ROM track to access on computers). The titles are innovatively packaged and feature extensive booklets. In our multimedia series, one finds collaborations between visual artists and musicians (Flavio Piras and Paolo Fresu), and educational projects such as the Moroccan title and the multimedia Atlas of Music of the African continent.

Whisky Trail : San frediano- Un Irlandese a Firenze ARNR 0108

WHISKY TRAIL San Frediano An Irishman in Florence live in saschall


Morocco has always been a point of cultural exchange and enrichment between Europe and Africa, between east and west and between the Sahara and the Mediterranean.

Drums of Africa vol.1.3

Drums of Africa, Vol. 1.3, portrays how, in African music, rhythm takes a role similar to that of harmony in western classical music.

Winds & Strings of Africa vol.1.2

Winds & Strings of Africa, Vol. 1.2, presents wind and string instruments which are like magic words blending into songs and a musical language of communication with spirits.

Voices of Africa vol.1.1

Voices of Africa, Vol. 1.1, guides us through the diverse songs, lyrics and styles that are Africans’ way to communicate with the mystic and spiritual world.

Africa Folk Music Atlas vol.1

“Africa Folk Music Atlas” is an acclaimed and ambitious interactive musical atlas, a multimedia anthology of sound offering an overview of the enormous and variegated musical traditions of Africa.

The Hands ARNR 2596

An exciting collaboration between the visual artist and photographer Flavio Piras and the musician Paolo Fresu.

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