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New Music

The New Music Series presents performances by contemporary composers such as Arvo Paert, Henrik Gorecki, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Hans Otte, Michael Vetter and Astor Piazzolla. Younger, perhaps less known, though certainly no less interesting composers include Gianfranco Pernaiachi, Ludovico Einaudi, Savio Riccardi and Thomas Fortmann. We are pleased to present creative new ensembles and solists such as harpist Cecilia Chailly and flutist Andrea Ceccomori, as well as Michael Vetter and Terry Riley, great interpreters of their own works. The editorial line of the New Music series is addressed to all listeners interested in contemporary music and especially in the American minimalist movement and its European branches, in post-minimalism, neo-romanticism, and in particular to all forms of new sacred music.

Songs for Sumera ARNR 0102

Songs for Sumera contains eleven compositions for piano and orchestra composed by Mark Kostabi.

La Venere di Willendorf ARNR 1199

This elaboration of the original soundtrack of the film “La Venere di Willendorf" echoes Glass, Nyman, and Maertens.

Ashtayama, Song of Hours ARNR 0299

The pure voice and intonation of Amelia Cuni, renowned dhrupad singer, joins Werner Durand's passionate and multidimensional sound-design in an enchanting interpretation of the Time Theory in Hindusta

The Celestine Suite ARNR 1098

This tribute, inspired by James Redfield's bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy, comprises ten movements featuring Andrea Ceccomori on flute, supported by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina.

Ape Regina ARNR 2597

Following the critically acclaimed "Le Ciel de Ma Memoire", "Ape Regina" is the long-awaited album from Milanese composer and musician Andrea Donati.

Forbidden Colours ARNR 0897

Original compositions and arrangements of folk songs written especially for Open Quartet.

First Touch (ITALY ONLY) ARNR 0197

An inspired solo album from the man who has contributed so much to Sting's sound.

Abendland ARNR 1296

Pernaiachi’s Abendland is a solitary and profound piano solo meditation on sound and silence. The piano hints, rings out and whispers.

From Gesualdo to Sting ARNR 0996

The first recording of the Saexophones, the classical "cult" saxophone quartet known for their acclaimed concerts with unusual programs and daring approach.

New Music Masters ARNR 0496

A collection of musical gems by great contemporary composers of the minimalist and postminimalist trend.

Tango Catolico ARNR 0894

Alongside Fortmann's tango, delicate in its use of soft timbral textures and nostalgic neo-impressionist harmonies.

Another look at the counterpoint ARNR 0393

A collection of some of Reich's best and most elusive compositions.

Le ciel de ma mémoire ARNR 1294

Italian jazz bassist and composer Andrea Donati dedicates this project to the writer Marcel Proust.

Aquarian Music ARNR 0394

An outstanding recording of the most recent music of a great living composer who, amidst the frenetic era of hyper-information, continues unperturbed.

In the flow ARNR 0493

This solo acoustic piano recording by Riccardo Fassi is nothing short of extraordinary – few pianists can sustain this kind of focus without lapsing into coasting.

Nocturne ARNR 0293

Recorded in the Romanesque abbey of Sant'Antimo in Tuscany, "Nocturne" features Vetter's contemplative improvisations for solo recorder.

Ad Infinitum ARNR 0191

A true record for "the third ear".

The Padova Concert ARNR 0292

In this inspired live concert recording, Terry Riley, one of the Master - Composers of our century, plays a kaleidoscopic improvisational journey of solo piano music.

Ancient Voices ARNR 0192

This recording features harmonic singing, a vocal technique which allows the performer to sing two or more melodic lines simultaneously.

An Introduction to Amiata's New Music Series vol. 1 ARNR 0196

First sound catalogue of our New Music Series.

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