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Inner Arts

The Inner Arts Series presents highly creative projects and performances which stretch the boundaries of normal categorization. It's acoustic-instrumental, then ambient, then meditative music then Now Age or rather, no age... Featured are the double-bass player and composer Andrea Donati, Paolo Giaro with Krishna Bhatt on sitar and Debiprasad Gosh on sarod, the pianist Antonio Breschi, Auria Vizia, Adea, the Neji Trio and the Saphir String Quartet. The music is in large part acoustic, its spirit joyful and refined; a cross-fertilization between East and West, North and South; acoustic and electronic; vocal and instrumental; improvisational and notated; spiritual and popular.

Cose delicate ARNR 0205

With and without the Quartetto Cetra, with and without Lucia Mannucci, the story of Virgilio Savona’s artistic career covers half a century of such ingenious and multifaceted activity that it was with great pleasure and admiration that the Club Tenco chose to dedicate the 2004 Rassegna della canzone d’autore at Sanremo to him.

Asia Blue ARCD 0801

On Asia Blue, one hears the immediately recognizable and typical sounds of Indian music which Forte crosses with European melodies and the sound inspired by classic jazz solos on Blue Note.

L'Arco Terrestre ARCD 0701

A delicate and tender musical fresco by central Italian lyricist and songwriter Gaspare Bernardi.

Meridies ARNR 0199

Marino De Rosas is a great Sardinian guitarist who, over many years of studying, developed an entirely unique technique for performing and composing original scores for acoustic guitar.

Urbino ARNR 0698

"When I visited Paolo Giaro at his studio I felt I had stepped into the den of a wizard."

New dawn of the sacred flames ARNR 1297

Ideal for all forms of therapeutic healing work or as a relaxing and regenerative experience while working, driving, or dreaming...

Day & Night (Music for relaxation and other joys) ARNR 2296

Music for relaxation and other joys by the well-known ambient music artist and flautist, Adea.

Music for the Seven Chakras ARNR 1796

Intimate, relaxing soundscapes designed for enhancing awareness of the seven chakras and ideal for chakra-work.

Toscana ARNR 1196

Antonio has the rare talent of picking melodies "out of the air".

Sat ARNR 0796

Written and pronounced with the short "a" vowel, "sat" means being, essence and truth in the modern Indo-Aryan languages.

Dancing in the light of the full moon ARNR 0696

The title track, “Dancing in the Light of the Full Moon" portrays, like a photo, the character of India at the end of the millennium.

Song of Enlightenment ARNR 0694

Ricciardi's lyrical saxophone glides gracefully over a wheel of sound continuum and emotional colorations in a delicate and intuitive state of mystical contemplation.

An Introduction to Amiata's Inner Arts vol.1 ARNR 0396

Excellent sound catalogue with pieces from Amiata disks of the New Age of Art Series with music of the Neji Ensemble, Paolo Giaro, Krishna Bhatt and Debiprasad Gosh, Andrea Donati, ...

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