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Black Bombay
Black Bombay
ARCD 0402

format: Jewelbox+O-card
Price: 18.5 €

A Trip-Hop/World Music production enriched with great Hindu vocals.

Fresh and modern sounds capture the listener and take him to the streets of today's India among modernity, tradition and the colors and sounds of its urban environment.

The melodies are rich and involving, the rhythms direct and swaying; together they produce a unique and innovative experience: most certainly a new trend, a meeting between world and electronic music.

Highly recommended by Ravin, the Buddha-Bar DJ.

File Under:

Electronica, chill out, Asia, India

  • Rice Field Chant(6:55)
  • Life in Goa(5:20)
  • Space Lullaby(6:05)
  • Dancing with Shiva(5:17)
  • Revelation Dub(5:03)
  • Night at the temple(5:41)
  • Karnatak journey(8:49)
  • The Ganesh Peace Spirit(7:19)
  • Migration dub(6:12)
  • Children of the Sky(4:33)
Path: home page > Catalogue > Roots > Black Bombay
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