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Secret World

Secret World presents ethnic and acoustic performances from around the globe, singled out from rare or even secret traditions. Examples are ritual music from Laos and Tibet, Javanese Gamelan and sacred vocal music from Bali, Balafon from Burkina Faso and rare musical traditions from India. Secret World includes trance reinterpretations of the ancient Tarantella ritual by Antonio Infantino, east Cuban Son by "Club Musical Oriente Cubano" and the award-winning "Naked Spirit" by the extraordinary Tuvan singer Sainkho. The artist roster also includes the Mancuso Brothers who have become cultural icons of their native Sicily though numerous international concerts, media accolades and their appearance in the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Acclaimed polyphonic treatments of traditional songs have earned the female vocal ensemble "Faraualla" the reputation of being the "Zap'Mamas of the Mediterranean". Secret World broaches innovative experiments in which two cultures, geographically distant from one another yet musically and spiritually alike, draw inspiration from each other and create something entirely new for the first time, as in the case of "Meeting of Angels", featuring Gregorian chant and classical music from northern India interpreted by the Gilles Binchois Ensemble and Ustad Nishat Khan. The recording "Brizzi do Brasil" sees contemporary Italian classical composer Aldo Brizzi bringing together leading popular Brazilian and Portuguese singers.

Italia Ebraica ARNR 0112

A fascinating album that enlightens a little known, beautiful Italian Jewish music tradition and includes a selection of hymns and prayers in Hebrew with a modern arrangement.


A mystical composition for voices, female choir, instruments and string quartet. Music by Fratelli Mancuso inspired by the Sicilian tradition counterpointed with Gregorian chants.

Algo Ritmo ARNR 0208

CLUB MUSICAL ORIENTE CUBANO ALGO RITMO made in Santiago de CUBA. A reply from the East of Cuba to the Havana based BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB

Chaosmos ARNR 0106

Chaosmos arises from the suggestions of a medieval Irish text. This extraordinary recording is a true gem: a secret voyage into the marvellous universality of Irish culture.

Sangita ARNR 0404

Sangita is the term used in Sanskrit, as well as in the modern languages of India, for what we call "music".

Brizzi do Brasil ARNR 0304

Brizzi do Brasil is a unique project which sees contemporary Italian classical composer Aldo Brizzi bringing together and arranging the talent of a virtual whos-who of contemporary Brazilian music.

Tara'n Trance ARNR 0104

The ancient sciamanic tarantella ritual reinterpreted by one of it's most known artists in a new, contemporary way.

Meeting of Angels ARNR 0603

East and West meet and converse through their classical musical traditions of greatest purity and spirituality, namely Gregorian Chant and the classical music of northern India.

Il canto di malavita ARNR 0903

After selling over 150,000 copies abroad, here it is at last in Italy: the controversial "cult" disc of the Mafia's music.

Sind' ARNR 1302

This is the second album of this amazing female a cappella vocal ensemble from southern Italy.

Cantu Cantu ARNR 0902

Cantu is finally the NEW work of the two internationally acclaimed sicilian Brothers.

Caña Tabaco y Ron ARCD 0602

After the worldwide success of the "Buena Vista Social Club",

Terras do Risco ARNR 0401

Terras do Risco is a musical challenge to launch the portuguese fado beyond geografical and cultural limits until it becomes an authentic world music.

Music for the dance of Vajra ARNR 0200

Written in the language of the Dakinis, this deeply contemplative music is inspired by the dreams and visions of the Dzog-Chen master, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Faraualla ARNR 0499

An amazing female a cappella vocal ensemble from "the heel" of southern Italy (Apulia).

Cantos a Kiterra, Songs from Sardinia ARNR 0399

Senesia is a cultural initiative that Amiata Records, in collaboration with Pandela, dedicates to the musical heritage of Sardinia, one of the oldest of the Mediterranean basin.

Naked Spirit Naked Spirit ARNR 2298


Tibet: Ritual Music and Chants of the Gelug Tradition ARNR 0598

The ritual music of the Tibetan monks of the Sera Jé Monastery is the leitmotif of this spiritual journey through Tibetan culture.

Sacred Planet ARNR 0398

Diverse musical genres are deftly interwoven in a colorful tapestry of sacred sounds.

Meditation of the Heart Vol.I ARNR 0298

The songs on this recording aspire to express a vision of spiritual inspiration and contemplation.

Bella Maria ARNR 0198

The charming voices of the Fratelli Mancuso are combined here with the buoyant saxophone sounds of Antonio Marangolo to create a fresh musical idiom based on a capella, rosaries and folk composition.

Music from Tuva ARNR 1497

Among its traditions, biphonic singing, popularly known as Khoomei, holds a premier position.

Raga Khan ARNR 1997

Classical Music from Northern India: Ustad Nishat Khan, India's finest among the new generation of sitar players, evokes the very essence and magical spirit of the mythical Mogul court.

Tarantella Tarantata ARNR 2396

With their musical instruments, the Tarantolati create an energy vortex akin to "Animistic Possession" ...

Kontômè ARNR 1996

Kontômè (spirits) is an inspiring collection of some of Gabin Dabirés most alluring poetry, which, in accordance with his West African tradition, is integrated within a musical setting.

Aira Yo, La dance des jeunes Griots ARNR 1596

An excellent and rare recording of traditional songs and music of a Griots family from the Bobò Ulé tribe in southern Burkina Faso.

A Man of Heart: Music from India ARNR 0596

The Bauls, migrant yogis and musicians of Bengal, incarnate one of the oldest, most fascinating religious and artistic traditions of India.

Kirwani: Music from India ARNR 0495

A rare encounter between two of India's most innovative musicians of the new generation. Krishna Bhatt's sitar and Zakir Hussain's tabla soar freely on an unfolding wave of fresh energy ...

An Introduction to Amiata's Secret World vol. 1 ARNR 0296

Secret World presents ethnic and acoustic performances from around the globe, singled out from rare or even secret traditions.

Vision of the Orient: Music from Laos ARNR 0195

The mysterious timelessness of the traditional music of Laos transports the listener to far-away lands with its serene melodies and minimal, trance-like sequences.


Gabin Dabiré offers us an extraordinary work in which the absorbing rythm and subtile melodies of his native country, Burkina Faso.

Chöd: cutting through dualism ARNR 0193

Made in the intimate setting of Tibetan master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche's small personal retreat cabin, this digital recording is a rare document.

An Introduction to Amiata's Secret World Series vol. II ARNR 2697

A blend of special sounds from around the globe.

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