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ARNR 0106

format: Digipack with booklet 24 pages
Price: 18.5 €

Chaosmos arises from the suggestions of a medieval Irish text In Tenga Bithnua (The ever-new Tongue). In this bizarre text, Gaelic, Latin and the Tongue of Angels, an alleged original unique language, cross in a dizzy variety of explanation about the Cosmos where the constitutive elements from Chaos are eight: Air, Stones, Fire, Stars, Colours, Flavours, Water, Soul.

This original and fanciful setting corresponds to a mythical man composed of eight parts, in fact Air represents the human breath, Fire is the heat of the blood, Stars are the shine of the eyes and so on. Intrinsic into Irish culture, the concept of Chaos as a multiplicity, can be seen in those marvelous masterpieces represented by the Irish illuminated manuscripts.
Musically it suggests plots where modules and rhythms cross, cover each other and pass from even to uneven.

Chaosmos is the neologism of a great Irishman who has looked into the complexity of human nature like no one else and who is the highest contemporary peak: James Joyce. By uniting in a single word Chaos and Cosmos, Joyce synthesizes the unity of chaos and order in the world and in man: the marvelous universality and actuality of Irish culture!

  • Air(4:48)
  • Stones(4:31)
  • Fire(4:55)
  • Stars(6:28)
  • Colours(6:46)
  • Flavours(4:53)
  • Water(4:24)
  • Soul(6:52)

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