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06 - 01 - 2005 Synaulia's birthday

Rome, July 2005 - Synaulia, the first performing ensemble to articulately investigate the music of ancient Rome, celebrates 10 years of activity.

Synaulia has accomplished a great deal in their first decade, including extensive research, reconstructions of dozens of musical instruments and prestigious collaborations with museums, archeologists and Giorgio Albertazzi, the renowned maestro of theater.
They have performed literally hundreds of concerts in the most magical locations of Rome and Roman culture and have toured throughout Europe.
For over 30 years Walter Maioli, Synaulia's founder, has been a leading pioneer in acoustic archeology, music and archeology.

Extensive reportage on, and documentaries about Synaulia and their performances have been made by several television companies in Europe and Japan, as well as by CNN International.
Their music has been featured in major film sound tracks including "Gladiator" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Their two CDs released on Amiata Records, Synaulia "Music of Ancient Rome Volume I Music for Wind Instruments" and Volume II "Music for String Instruments", continue to garner worldwide critical and commercial success.

Synaulia has rediscovered the musical heritage of an ancient civilization and tirelessly labored to bring the culture of ancient Rome to a wider contemporary audience.
Their efforts have included lesser-known aspects of this culture and elements which have never been fully represented, for example the power of sounds in "mysterious cults", the forest of Pan and the nymphs, the return of Bacchus from India (or rather Shiva-Dionysus), and the multi-ethnic culture of the Egypt of Isis.

In looking back at 10 years of activity, Walter Maioli and Synaulia would like to thank all their fans and everyone who has supported the ensemble over the years.
The group's on-going commitment is confirmed in their 2005 repertoire project: music for the Amiata CD "Synaulia Volume III", currently in preparation, a recording enriched by recently reconstructed instruments including a large portable bellows or pump organ.

Synaulia is available for concerts, targeted events, conferences, soundscapes, music and dance.

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Path: News > Synaulia's birthday
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